Do you encounter brother printer error 1606?

Because I updated my virus protection, brother printer error 1606 came out. I am a little update - de margin has a warning that there is a Trojan virus which has been deleted after.
I can use my computer - although the AIT technology turns off several programs of my computer, now Norton Security search has disappeared and i also have no other choice!
Are unable to manage to buy upgrades.
Many thanks for your help.
What is brother printer error 1606?
Several Windows computer users have reported that if they use computer, it keeps popping up brother printer error 1606 for a long time. Even after waiting for hours, nothing happens. If you check Task Manager, you will find brother printer error 1606 also affects system performance. Most of the times brother printer error 1606 occurs after a clean installing of Windows.
What cause brother printer error 1606?
There are multiple reasons why running thermal printer could cause brother printer error 1606: Malicious applications: Your computer may be controlled or modified by some software. At this time, your computer can't run normally. Application conflicts: If you are running multiple software applications at the same time, they may conflict and brother printer error 1606 will come out. Incomplete installation: You will receive brother printer error 1606, if you installed thermal printer on your computer incompletely. Missing or corrupt thermal printer: You will get brother printer error 1606, if you have a corrupt thermal printer.
Fix brother printer error 1606 manually
If you want to find a easy way, appropriate instruction is listed below.
Today we are talking about install a local printer on windows computer, follow below steps, you will learn how to install printer easily.
1.Click Start button on the left bottom corner of desktop, type printer and click on Add a printer.

2.Click on Add a local printer on new appeared window.

3.Choose Use an existing port option on the new opened window-> Next.

4.Choose your printer model in the printer model list, click Next.

5.In the new appeared window, choose Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended) -> Next.
6.Set the printer name or keep the default name -> Next ->Next.
7.Click on Finish button to complete the installation.

Check Printer connection
1.Click Start and select Devices and Printers.

2.As you can see, under Printers and Faxes there isn't Printer, so it prove your Printer don't connect with your pc. IF you Printer appear on this area, showing your Printer connect well with your PC.

Download printer driver
1. Click Start and select Devices and Printers. Then a new window show, click on Add a printer.

2.Keep Printer Port LPT1 and select Standard TCP/IP Port for Type of port. Then click Next.

3.Then choose TCP/IP Device for Device type and write the available Hostname or IP address and Port name. At last click Next. When you finish this, you can see a new window, select Print a test paper and click Finish.

Update printer driver
Click Start and go to the Control Panel, select Device and printers and add a new printer, then you can see a window below, click Windows Update and click Next.

1.Click Start and select Devices and Printers in the right pane.Then you can see the printer, right click it and choose Printing preferences.

2.When you see a window like below, click on Advanced.

3.There are many settings as you can see, like Paper Size, you can set it as A4.Finally click OK.

Still too complicated for you?
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Fix brother printer error 1606 with SmartPCFixer
  • Step 1: Download SmartPCFixer and launch the the application.

  • Step 2: Run the the application and click Quick Scan.

  • Step 3: Click Fix All to fix all computer errors with a single click.

  • Step 4: Congratulations, error removed completely!

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